Solutions: High power connectors

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High performance connectors and solutions for HV batteries, automotive & industrial applications

At the core of developing custom-made solutions for our customers lies our profound development and system expertise, corroborated by 100 years of experience in processing conductor materials.
In close cooperation with you we develop bespoke high-performance connectors for a wide range of  applications such as high-voltage batteries, as well as automotive and industrial implementations.

Particular benefits for our customers

  • High temperature resistance
  • High dielectric strength of insulation
  • Short clearance and creepage distance
  • Optimised for limited space
  • Optimised routing
  • High conductivity
  • High shear forces
  • High flexibility
  • Stability in high vibration environments
  • Weight optimised
collection of high power connectors

Welding & soldering

Typical ways of bonding:

Overlapping ultrasonic welding

Overlapping hard soldering

Butt joint hard soldering

Custom solution services

You need special designs and products for your applications?

Our R&D team is your partner for customised solutions.

Please contact!

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