"High performance" heating conductors

The environmental friendly and energy saving heat source

Once current starts flowing through an electrical conductor that has a comparatively high resistance, heat will be generated. By selecting a specific combination of base metal and add-on metals both the temperature level and the heating pattern can be controlled smartly enough for electrical conductors to be used in a wide range of heating applications.

Particular benefits for our customers

  • good flexibility
  • maximum safety (hotspot free)
  • longevity
  • customised construction

Automotive applications

  • car seat heating
  • steering wheel heating
  • hose heating (e.g. for AdBlue® hoses)

Other applications

  • infrared wall heating
  • gutter heating
  • trace heating
  • floor heating
  • roadway heating

Distinguishing features

  • movement:
    is your conductor exposed to higher mechanical stress?
  • temperature:
    how much temperature is needed? Does it have to be adjustable ore constant?
  • assembly space:
    how much space do you need for your conductor?
  • design:
    do you want to use the conductor in a visible area?

Your requirements

Tell us about your heating application so that we can find the best solution for you.

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