Alloys: LEONI Histral® R15

Copper based resistance alloy, CuSn6, Bronze 6

Technical data

Nominal values: Tempered Hard
Resistivity* (Ohm mm2/m) 0.1110 0.1330
Electrical Conductivity* (% IACS) 15 13
Tensile Strength* (N/mm2) 380 690
Elongation* (%) 30 1
Temperature Coefficient of Resistance (1/°C) 0.00065 0.00065
Density (g/cm3) 8.8 8.8

* Data depend on coating conditions, degree of cold working and thermal treatments during manufacturing process 


  • EN 12166
  • DIN CEN/TS 13388


  • Coating: Bare, Silver, Nickel, Tin, Gold
  • Temper: Tempered or hard
  • Single end conductors
  • Stranded conductors
  • Bunched conductors
  • Concentric lay conductors
  • Single end size ≥ 0.05 mm (AWG 44)
  • Other diameters or special constructions are available

** Depending on material combination & construction

Excellent properties

Higher flex life results

LEONI Histral® R15 provides exceptional flex life and offers best performance in high vibration and movement situations.

High temperature performance

The high strength is maintained at elevated temperatures.

Good resistivity (specific resistance)

LEONI Histral® R15 is an ideal material for heating elements.

High corrosion resistance

LEONI Histral® R15 is an alloy of copper and tin, commonly called bronze. Bronze is highly corrosion resistant as proved by the large number of Bronze Age (about 2200-800BC) tools that are still being found intact.

Connecting options

LEONI Histral® R15 is suitable for soldering, crimping and ultrasonic welding.

Very low temperature coefficient

This shows the relative change of resistance as the temperature rises or falls. Almost all metals have a positive temperature coefficient, meaning that as the temperature increases so does the resistance. This is of particular significance in heating cables and elements. The lower the temperature coefficient of a heating cable, the more uniform the heating power as temperature increases. The temperature coefficient of LEONI Histral® R15 at 0.00065 is lower than that of CuNi6 (0.00072), currently the most widely used conductor in heating cables and elements.

Special applications

Improved safety reduces failure risk

Under similar electrical and thermal conditions LEONI Histral® R15 has a significantly longer operational life compared with CuNi6.

Comparison CuNi6 to LEONI Histral® R15

CuNi6LEONI Histral® R15
Resistivity (Ω/mm2/m)0.10000.1110
Conductivity (% IACS)1715
Tensile Strength (N/mm2) soft> 250> 380
Tensile Strength (N/mm2) hard> 520> 690
Temperature Coefficient of Resistance (1/°C)0.000720.00065

Signal cables

Signal cables in robotics face very high mechanical demands. In medical equipment these conductors are required to provide the precision and reliability that are vital for patient safety.

Heating mats and electric blankets

Heating mats, similar to carpets or rugs on the floor, and subject to high mechanical stress.

Car seat heating 

Glued or stitched heating areas on non-woven fabrics for original equipment or retro-fitting.

Steering wheel heating

In addition to seat heating woven or stitched heating areas on non-woven fabrics, shaped and contoured for steering wheels.

Hose heating, e.g. for AdBlue® hoses

Hose heating can be used for different industrial applications.
AdBlue® hoses are needed for mobile vehicles. AdBlue® is a solution synthetically generated from high-purity urea in de-mineralized water. It is applied whenever exhaust fumes are re-treated in an SCR-catalyst. The solution needs to be kept heated because of its early freezing point at –11 °C.

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