Alloys: LEONI Histral® H95

Copper based alloy, CuCrFeTiAgSi

Technical data

Nominal values: Tempered
Resistivity* (Ohm mm2/m) 0.0203
Electrical Conductivity* (% IACS) >85 (bare, silver)
>79 (nickel)
Tensile Strength* (N/mm²) 414
Elongation* (%) 8
Temperature Coefficient of Resistance (1/°C) 0.00300
Density (g/cm3) 8.9


* Data depend on coating conditions, degree of cold working and thermal treatments during manufacturing process


  • ASTM B624 together with ASTM B8, ASTM B298/ASTM B961 and ASTM B355
  • SAE AS 29606
  • SAE AS 22759
  • EN 2083
  • EN 4434


  • Coating: bare, silver, nickel
  • Temper: thermal stress-relieved
  • Concentric lay conductors - manufactured from 0.32 mm single-end conductors (AWG 28) > Ø ≥ 0.025 mm (AWG 50)
  • Stranded conductors - manufactured from 0.32 mm single-end conductors (AWG 28) > Ø ≥ 0.05 mm (AWG 44)
  • Bunched conductors - manufactured from 0.32 mm single-end conductors (AWG 28) > Ø ≥ 0.05 mm (AWG 44)
  • Braided conductors - manufactured from 0.32 mm single-end conductors (AWG 28) > Ø ≥ 0.127 mm (AWG 36)
  • Other diameters, special designs or special coatings (e.g. gold) on request

** Depending on material combination & construction

Special properties

Environmentally friendly

As with the entire LEONI Histral® range of materials, H95 is environmentally friendly and fully RoHS compliant. Our product is therefore a sustainable alternative to the health hazards posed by copper-cadmium alloys.

If you are thinking of switching to environmentally friendly materials, we will be happy to advise you and support you with any certified products you may require.

Excellent conductivity

The conductivity of LEONI Histral® H95 exceeds 5% IACS (International Annealed Copper Standard) in its bare and silver state. In combination with the highly corrosion-resistant nickel coating, values between 70% and 80% are still achieved. The product therefore exceeds requirements from standards for high-strength and simultaneously highly conductive conductor materials..

Exceptionally high mechanical strength

LEONI Histral® H95 is a high-strength and highly conductive copper alloy that significantly exceeds the properties of conventional copper-cadmium alloys. The extreme tensile strength of this material makes it the ideal choice for small installation spaces or low-weight applications that are at the same time exposed to high mechanical or thermal stresses. With these characteristics, the product is predestined for applications in aerospace, medical technology and robotics.

High temperature resistance

LEONI Histral® H95 maintains its excellent mechanical and electrical properties even in high-temperature applications up to 260 °C.
If cable production involves a sintering process, steps must be taken to avoid temperatures >380 °C. The sintering process must last only a few seconds. The subsequent cooling process must be completed carefully and with a low temperature gradient; quenching must be avoided.

Best flex life performance

Compared with other electrical conductor materials, LEONI Histral® H95 achieves optimum values in terms of fatigue strength. A high level of reliability and a long service life are achieved with all cables moved cyclically – whether by bending, torsion, vibration or oscillation. In the standardised test according to ASTM B470, a wire made of LEONI Histral® H95 can withstand thirty times more load cycles than an identical wire made of electrolytic copper. Our material is therefore recommended for use in drag chains under heavy load as well as in robotics or in the high-vibration environment of an aircraft fuselage.

Low weight

Alongside its good fatigue strength, the excellent conductivity of LEONI Histral® H95 also makes it an ideal choice for applications in the aerospace industry. In the adverse environmental conditions present in aircraft or rocket interiors, both data lines and power cables must function safely and reliably at all times. For power transmission cables, the key design criterion here is the length-specific resistance. As the conductivity of LEONI Histral® H95 is close to that of electrolytic copper, the load-bearing cable cross-section increases only slightly with the same maximum resistance. The increase in mechanical reliability therefore only results in a slight increase in weight.



Special applications


LEONI Histral® H95 meets the requirements of the ASTM B624, SAE AS22759, EN 2083 and EN 4434 standards. The extremely high strength of the cables offers an optimum level of safety during installation and operation. Good conductivity also facilitates weight-saving designs.

Shielding braids

As a result of its good fatigue behaviour, LEONI Histral® H95 is particularly suitable for shielding cables subject to excessive mechanical stress. Another advantage here is the possibility of miniaturisation. In cases where many different wires need combining into one cable, excellent shielding in a minimal installation space is extremely important.


Automation technology and robotics make exceptionally high demands on wires used for signalling. Constantly changing loads accompanied by strong vibrations and oscillations present a particular challenge to cable flexibility.


The exceptionally high mechanical strength offered by the LEONI Histral® H95 alloy means that the material can be easily drawn into wires with a diameter of 0.05 mm (AWG 44) without losing performance capabilities.

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