Alloys: LEONI Histral® H88

Copper based alloy, CuCrFeTiAgSiP

Technical data

Nominal values: Tempered Hard
Resistivity* (Ohm mm2/m) 0.0203 0.0216
Electrical Conductivity* (% IACS) 85 80
Tensile Strength* (N/mm2) 414** 600
Elongation* (%) 8** 1
Temperature Coefficient of Resistance (1/°C) 0.00300 0.00300
Density (g/cm3) 8.9 8.9

* Data depend on coating conditions, degree of cold working and thermal treatments during manufacturing process 

** Tempered


  • ASTM B624
  • ASE 22759
  • MIL DTL 29606


  • Coating: Bare, Silver, Nickel, Tin, Gold
  • Temper: Tempered or hard
  • Single end conductors
  • Stranded conductors
  • Bunched conductors
  • Concentric lay conductors
  • Single end size ≥ 0.025 mm (AWG 50)
  • Other diameters or special constructions are available

*** Depending on material combination & construction

Excellent properties

Excellent conductivity

The electrical conductivity of LEONI Histral® H88 can exceed 85 % IACS (International Annealed Copper Standard). This is extremely favourable compared to most alterative materials in its category, and surpasses the requirements of the most exacting specifications within its applications.

Exceptional mechanical strength

The tensile strength of LEONI Histral® H88 exceeds the highest expectations of the traditional “Copper-Cadmium” category of high strength / high conductivity copper alloys. This alloy is therefore ideally suited to applications where the finished product is exposed to a high degree of tension and drag – for example in automotive and aerospace environments where the finished cable is pulled through small openings. The high strength characteristic allows for smaller and lighter conductors, without performance loss.

High Flex life

LEONI Histral® H88 gives excellent performance levels in situations where vibration or constant flexing are present.

Weight reduction

Reduced diameters combined with exceptional performance mean that using LEONI Histral® H88 can lead to appreciable weight saving, something that has become increasingly important in the commercial and military aviation market. Automobile manufacturers are constantly attempting to find ways to reduce emissions. Exhaust systems employ a number of sensors that require signal cables and LEONI Histral® alloys are used in these applications.

Very good high temperature tensile strength

High tensile strength is maintained even at high temperatures. LEONI Histral® H88 can be silver plated, where solderable connections are required.

Special applications


LEONI Histral® H88 meets the requirements of EN 2083, EN 4434 and MIL–W–22759 (SAE AS22759). The alloy’s extremely high tensile strength ensures that there are no installation issues. The weight saving achieved by using smaller cross sections (e.g. 24/26AWG) is a significant benefit. Strands of 19 x 0.12 mm and 19 x 0.1 mm have been successful and are widely used for signal transmission in cockpit, communication and entertainment areas.


LEONI Histral® H88 has long been used for drop wires in the rail industry. Here vertical strands connect the overhead power line to the catenary wire. They compensate for and absorb the vibrations and swaying movement caused by high speed trains like the German ICE.

Shielding braids

With its exceptional strength LEONI Histral® H88 is an ideal solution for shielding cables that undergo a wide range of mechanical stressing. The potential for miniaturisation is another advantage. With many composite cables containing various cross sections an excellent shielding braid that requires minimal space is extremely important.


In particular the automation and robotics industry makes extremely high demands on signal cables. Constantly changing tensions along with vibration and flexing require conductors with extreme strength and flexibility.


Internal leads in loudspeakers are subject to intense vibration. Braids made of LEONI Histral® H88 are perfect for connecting speaker membranes and voice coils.

Medical applications

For many years LEONI Histral® H88 has been successfully transferring signals to and from specialist micro medical devices. Cables are exposed to high tensile forces, rapid and jerky pulling and bending. Precision and reliability are vital as patient safety is paramount.


LEONI Histral® H88’s exceptionally high mechanical strength means that it can be drawn down to diameters as fine as AWG 50 (0.025 mm) while still retaining its performance characteristics.

Micro data cables

Electronic devices are constantly getting smaller and yet still more powerful. Whether in folding mobile phones, laptops or other small communication devices ultra thin cables are required. Options include AWG50 (0.025 mm) and AWG42 (7 x 0.025 mm) silver plated conductors.

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