Alloys: LEONI Histral® H26

Copper based alloy, CuZn37, brass

Technical data

Nominal values: Tempered Hard
Resistivity* (Ohm mm2/m) 0.0663 0.0718
Electrical Conductivity* (% IACS) 26 24
Tensile Strength* (N/mm2) 360 800
Elongation* (%) 30 1
Temperature Coefficient of Resistance (1/°C) 0.00170 0.00170
Density (g/cm3) 8.44 8.44

* Data depend on coating conditions, degree of cold working and thermal treatments during manufacturing process 


  • EN 12166
  • DIN CEN/TS 13388


  • Coating: Bare, Silver, Nickel, Tin
  • Temper: Tempered or hard
  • Single end conductors
  • Stranded conductors
  • Bunched conductors
  • Concentric lay conductors
  • Single end size ≥ 0.05 mm (AWG 44)
  • Other diameters or special constructions are available

** Depending on material combination & construction

Excellent properties

Medium conductivity

Signals are usually transmitted at fairly low amperage. The resistance level of LEONI Histral® H26 does therefore not lead to losses that might hamper the application. 

High mechanical strength

LEONI Histral® H26 is an extraordinarily strong copper alloy that clearly outperforms the mechanical properties of pure copper.

High Flex Life

LEONI Histral® H26 gives excellent performance levels in situations where vibration or constant flexing are present.

Low weight

The high mechanical strength of LEONI Histral® H26 allows for its individual wires to be drawn down to much smaller diameters than copper, which results in a substantial weight reduction.

Contact properties

The crimp qualities of LEONI Histral® H26 correspond to those of pure copper in hard condition. However, the tools applied have to be adapted to the lower cross-sections.

Special applications

Signal cables

LEONI Histral® H26 is particularly suitable for signal cables in robotics facing very high mechanical demands.

Brass wires can be found in a most diverse range of applications:

  • spark erosion wire (conductive materials are vaporized by applying sparks allowing for the conductor to be cut in this state)
  • brushes made from brass wire (high mechanical strength and malleability, particularly suited for processing soft metals such as gold, brass or copper)
  • decoration (e.g. the color of LEONI Histral® H26 looks very much like gold)
  • grids and sieves made from brass wire

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