Alloys: LEONI Histral® H16

Copper Clad Aluminium, CCA15

Technical data

Nominal values: Tempered Hard
Resistivity* (Ohm mm2/m) 0.0268 0.0268
Electrical Conductivity* (% IACS) 64 64
Tensile Strength* (N/mm2) < 172 > 207
Elongation* (%) 5 1
Temperature Coefficient of Resistance (1/°C) 0.00404 0.00404
Density (g/cm3) 3.63 3.63

* Data depend on coating conditions, degree of cold working and thermal treatments during manufacturing process 


  • ASTM B566
  • ABS 0949
  • ABS 0957
  • ABS 1354


  • Coating: Bare, Silver, Nickel, Tin, Gold
  • Temper: Tempered or hard
  • Single end conductors
  • Stranded conductors
  • Bunched conductors
  • Concentric lay conductors
  • Single end size ≥ 0.10 mm (AWG 38)
  • Other diameters or special constructions are available

** Depending on material combination & construction

Excellent properties

Low weight

LEONI Histral® H16 is a composite material, made up of an aluminum core, which has a copper coating, also known as copper-clad aluminum. This allows for the positive mechanical properties of copper to be combined with the very low net weight of aluminum. LEONI Histral® H16 lends itself extremely well to applications for which weight plays a crucial role while good electrical properties are also required. LEONI Histral® H16 boasts a material length per kilogram produced that exceeds that of copper by a factor of about 2.4, while it still attains 64 % of the conductivity provided by bare copper.

Good resistivity (specific resistance)

Copper ranks second to silver as an electrical conductor. The copper cladding of LEONI Histral® H16 ensures a good electrical conductivity whenever mechanical properties do not play a primary role.

Special applications

Aviation and automotive industry

Weight is of major importance for the construction of airplanes and automobiles. LEONI Histral® H16 is particularly suited for larger cross-sections here that can be employed for the transmission of power, where there is a significant weight reduction potential.

High-frequency (HF) technology / coaxial cables

In HF technology the so-called "skin effect“ (link to our article about "High-frequency (HF) technology") ensures that the current flow is restricted to a very thin layer situated on the surface of the conductor and that the overall resistance in the conductor is reduced. LEONI Histral® H16 has copper, which features good electrical, in the cladding only. The additional galvanic plating of the surface causes the skin effect to be optimized.

Shielding braids

LEONI Histral® H16 features a resistivity lending itself well to shielding braids because high coverage can be achieved at a comparatively low weight. The fact that aluminum suffers from the drawback of having a poor contact resistance is largely offset by the copper cladding.

Heating conductors

The combination of a relatively good resistance value with a rather low mechanical resilience suggest that LEONI Histral® H16 may well be used in all kinds of heating applications that are not exposed to a permanently varying level of stress.

Quality & Environment

Aluminum is a fairly abundant material that can be recycled in a lot of ways, thus it contributes to saving valuable resources.

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