LEONI Histral® alloys

Alloy surcharge – May 2019

Histral® H16CCA152.92
Histral® H18CCS406.43
Histral® H26CuZn376.37
Histral® H64CuMg0.47.55
Histral® H65CuAg1073.10
Histral® H69CuSn0.37.55
Histral® H72CuSn0.37.55
Histral® H77CuMg0.27.55
Histral® H79CuAg0.16.81
Histral® H85CuMg0.157.55
Histral® H88CuCrFeTiAgSiP26.50
Histral® R15CuSn68.89
Histral® R20Ni99.613.69
Histral® R51CuNi27.15
Histral® R53CuNi67.42
Histral® R54CuNi107.69
Histral® R55CuNi23Mn8.55
Histral® R56CuNi30Mn9.02
Histral® R59CuNi449.95

Price history

Histral® H16
Histral® H18
Histral® H26
Histral® H64
Histral® H65
Histral® H69
Histral® H72
Histral® H77
Histral® H79
Histral® H85
Histral® H88
Histral® R15
Histral® R20
Histral® R51
Histral® R53
Histral® R54
Histral® R55
Histral® R56
Histral® R59
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