Wire Products & Solutions

Innovative solutions, unique choice, global footprint

LEONI is a leading supplier of highly advanced copper and alloy based products and solutions developed in close cooperation with customers for electrical components applications and the cable industry. Our global sales and production network, consisting of locations in Europe and China, guarantees local consultation and support around the globe. Striving for quality and innovation leadership in our markets, highly satisfied customer needs are the focus of all our actions.

Our Business Group Wire Products & Solutions offer a unique choice of wires, strands and ropes made out of copper and LEONI Histral® alloys bare and plated, as well as composite materials.
Our versatile product portfolio also includes innovative high quality products and engineering services for e-mobility like high power connectors and thermo-coupling solutions for plug-in hybrid and battery electric vehicles as well for power trunking. Heating mats and heating panels, in addition to advanced wire solutions for automotive OEMs and first tier suppliers form another part of our broad product range.
Apart from that, we have not forgotten our origins, despite all these modern, high-performance materials. We still produce traditional “Lyonese wares”, such as gold and silver-plated spun threads, bouillon and pearl wires for sumptuous embroidery and woven fabrics.