LEONI plant Weißenburg, Germany

LEONI Draht GmbH
Weissenburg, Germany

LEONI plant Bad Kötzting, Germany

LEONI Draht GmbH
Bad Kötzting, Germany

Plant Haarländer, Germany

Haarländer GmbH
Roth, Germany

LEONI plant in Changzhou, China

LEONI Wire (Changzhou) Co., Ltd.
Changzhou, China

LEONI plant Cinderford, Great Britain

LEONI Temco Ltd.
Cinderford, United Kingdom

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Quality & Environment

Quality represents the point of departure for the way we define entrepreneurship. For this very reason it is deeply embedded in the LEONI corporate policy. Each one of our manufacturing sites serves as a prominent example – in that they have all been certified according to well established managerial standards.

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With a company history that dates back to 1569, creating sustainable value has always been the foundation of how we do business. Applying the principles of effective and responsible management, guaranteeing employee rights and human rights and implementing environmental protection and quality management are therefore integral elements of LEONI’s corporate policy.

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